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Power Space

The Place of Your Power

Everyone who has suffered from the war should have the right for a full rehabilitation in order to come back to life despite experienced trauma. Our aim is exactly to make such kind of rehabilitation possible in Chernihiv region. The war isn’t over yet and Ukrainians continue experiencing traumatic events every day. That is why we are aiming to upgrade our volunteering activities on to the next level in order to reach out and help more people. We are bringing this project to life with the means of physical and psychological rehabilitation and sports.

The main feature of the Power Place in the hero city Chernihiv is INCLUSION. Our doors will be open for everyone: from physical and/or psychological wounded veterans and civil people to those who preffer to be fit and can’t imagine their lives without sports.

Help us implement this life-changing project in the North of Ukraine and become a part of a new inclusive future.

Power. Health. Energy.

Physical and psychological rehabilitation at Power Place doesn’t only include sport trainings and psychology at psy’s office. We want to give the feeling of belonging to community and coziness for everyone no matter how many bionic arms and legs a person has. Next to this, our Place of Power aims to fulfill each individual needs for a healing and sport massages. We also offer quite a wide range of trainings: from combat sport and crossfit to yoga and fitness. Everyone can join and will find a training which fits his/her fitness level. 

We invite everyone who wants to take part in our art-breakfasts with the best psys from Chernihiv, educational hours with veterans for kids and adults, individual rehabilitation and sport trainings, as well as to women and men circles. This all is just a small part of the whole named the Power Place in Chernihiv.


Power Space Chernihiv

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Wir öffnen das Sport&Reha Zentrum FÜR ALLE Kriegsverletzen. JEDER soll eine Chance bekommen für einen Neuanfang!Sports&rehabilitation center FOR EVERYONE, who has suffered from the War. EVERYONE should have a chance for a comeback to life!💙💛🥊🙌🏼


Striletska St, 102 office 4, Chernihiv, Chernihivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 14000



+380 93 216 9924

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun

7:00 am – 9:00 pm

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